Heavy-Duty Electro-Powered Shears

Heavy-Duty Electro-Powered Shears

Heavy-Duty Electro-Powered Shears

These are designed to cut multilayered Aramide, glass fiber and other heavyweight materials without any problem whatever.

These electro-powered shears operate on the principle of conventional hand shears in that the cutting effect is produced by the up-and-down movement of the upper blade, the edge of which is in constant contact with the edge of the fixed lower blade.

The principle employed in these shears has the advantage over rotary blade shears in that there is no bare shaft for threads to catch and wind up to eventually block the machine. What's more, the operator has a clear view of the cutting zone.

Shear Foot Type A
The overdimensioned blades and its heavy-duty leverage design renders it ideal for use with extremely dense and tough materials.
Maximum cutting thickness is ca. 6 mm.
The special foot geometry design permits ready cutting of narrow radius contours.

Important Information: Due to the conductivity of carbon dust, electro-powered tools are of limited use for cutting carbon fiber material. We recommend the use of our pneumatic shears instead.

Power Management: Motor output can be regulated with the power control located at the rear end of the machine and serves to adapt the stroke rate of the blade to the characteristics of the material.

Material Sample Test: Please let us have a sample of your material to enable us to advise you about the selection of the right shear foot/blade combination.