ROBUSO Shears 1024/C

ROBUSO Shears 1024/C

ROBUSO®-Shears for glass- and carbon-fiber and Kevlar®, twaron®, Dyneema®

  • Made of forged and hardened C60 carbon steel
  • Blades precision blue-ground
  • One micro-serrated blade
  • easy-grip, powder-coated handles

Important Information:

  • Shears can be reground by our Regrinding Services
  • Care of shears: Please remember that the carbon steel is not rust-proof, towards which end we recommend that the "hollow ground inner blade" should always be kept clean and the fulcrum and blades be covered by an oil film. These measures keep the shears in good shape and increase their service life considerably.
  • All shears shown here are high-performance tools. We would recommend that you use individual Models when handling Aramide and Dyneema® fabrics. Their cutting edges are exposed to other criteria than are those for use with carbon and glass fiber materials. That will increase their cutting performance enormously

Powder Coating
Powder-coated handles of forged shears represent a truly new approach towards conventional wet-paint coating practices.

ROBUSO shears for use with technical textile fabrics are now identified by their blue and inviting powder-coated handles:

  • structured easy-grip surface
  • controlled cutting, even with slippery hands or oily gloves
  • excellent durability
  • high impact resistance
  • improved handling comfort under hot, sweaty and humid conditions

ROBUSO Craftsmanship: „precision blue-grinding“
Precision blue-ground blades are a specific quality feature of shears. This technique can only be handled by highly skilled shear grinders. These extrafine grinding results are manifested in the handling qualities of the shears.

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